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How to Become a Special Education Teacher

A Special Education teacher is one that collaborates with student’s with various disabilities. Whether it is working with those with slight learning disabilities, or teaching classes for those with several physical, development, and emotional disabilities, the demand for such educators is much needed and continues to be sought after in almost every school system. If you are researching in this particular area of studies, there are numerous online resources to help you elevate to a successful career path.

Academic Requirements

matchscholarships.infoIn order to become a teacher, you should first pursue a Bachelor’s degree in education.  In most cases, if he or she plans to work with physically or mentally handicapped students, a dual major or certification is available to pursue at the same time while earning a degree.  Academic programs such as BA in Special Education are offered; however, most commonly a person will graduate as a BA with an endorsement or certificate.

In the case where a student has already earned a bachelor’s, there are two choices for those wanting to become licensed teachers.  There are specific online college programs that allow teaching professionals to obtain a certificate in special education.  However, the most common route for a teaching professional is to earn a master’s (post graduate) with a specialization. A typical advanced degree program would be a Master of Education.  It is important to note that, when looking for advanced curriculum, you may pursue specific degrees such as a Master of Science in with Autism as concentration.

Where You Can Work?

As a professional, there are several employment prospects to consider.  Though it is most typical for a learner to get special endorsement to teach in primary or secondary schools, there are other opportunities available. Other organizations that employ such majors include rehabilitation facilities, hospitals, and centers that aid handicapped individuals. To make things easier, try communicating through a webcam across USA for building your list of professional contacts.

Job Growth

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2010), the need for special education teachers will continue to grow. In fact, a 17% growth rate is predicted, meaning this career choice will continue to be in demand for several years.  With a median salary of $54,000, it is indeed a great career choice for everyone willing to work in a more intimate environment, sometimes working individually with students to learn life skills as well as academic subjects.

It is essential to consider the importance of this profession.  As the demand continues to increase, it is likely that salary increases will also continue for the long term. Students can find job opportunities available almost anywhere they wish to be employed. For further information, take a look at for career options and benefits.

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