Thursday, 27 December 2012

What Is the Difference Between an executive MBA & a regular/ professional MBA?

Difference between executive MBA and professional MBA program lies in the different requirements for which both programs are designed. Executive MBA program caters to the requirements of experienced (could be on the job professionals), those who are looking for beyond mere management functions. The other regular MBA program is targeted towards the younger lot or those who are less experienced are fresh after graduation.

The basic content of the executive MBA program is aimed at working professionals compared to regular MBA program.  Also the executive program normally has 5 years of work experience prior to enrollment.

The class composition, because of its very nature is also different.  The cases, project work, research, seminars, industrial visits, and mentorship - all are different. The focus of executive MBA is to take the person with 5 years of experience to higher level.

In many cases the duration of the program differs between the two programs.  The tuition fees of executive MBA program are generally higher compared to the regular. Professional MBA program.

Metropolitan School of Management currently offers professional MBA program with focus on skill sets and is focused towards industry from day one.

Author: By nature Ankur Chaudhary is a professional business man but he loves to write. He has written many articles on MBA educations, currently writing 2013-15MBA admission tips and how to use better mba institute in noida sector 63.

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