Thursday, 21 March 2013

10 Awesome Ways to Use Skype for your Online MBA

One might find it difficult to believe but it’s true that Skype can earn your MBA degree and that without you realizing the fact that you are not enrolled in a regular course. In this world of modernization, gadgets and gizmos have become part of everybody’s life and the students are not exceptions. Now students pursuing MBA, the most coveted and sought after profession, have some awesome ways in which they can use Skype to earn their online MBA degree. Here are the 10 best ways in which you can use Skype, which is free, to earn you MBA degree while having fun.

1.      Attend classes: The best thing which you can do using Skype is to use it to connect with MBA business classes in the next state, or in a country around the globe.  

2.      Learn with your friends: With the use of Skype, you can very easily have video conferencing with your friends and interact with them and comfortably prepare for your exams.

3.      Listen live lectures: By using Skype you can attend live lectures even if you are doing a distance MBA course. You can also ask questions to the instructor and hence it is more effective than a taped lecture, as you have the ability to interact.

4.      Gain knowledge by talking to experts: If you are not in position to talk to experts face to face in order to learn from their experiences, the video chatting software is the best option before you.

5.      Get tutoring: Skype can be used to get tutored by teachers with whom you want to as it will help you to get extra knowledge.

6.      Gather information: Talking to people that you can see has been shown to be more effective in terms of information exchange and hence you can use Skype to interact with company officials and get more information very easily,

7.      Enhance your qualities: Using live ‘webinar’, provided by Skype, you can have as many as 100 people at once participating in a virtual discussion and will result in improving your qualities by healthy discussion.

8.      Global exposure:  The social networking software will connect with people across the globe and will bring great opportunity at your doorstep.

9.      Work on Projects: One can easily do business projects in MBA class with students and professionals all over the world.

10.   Give interviews: Even if you can't make it on campus or don't have the option of an alumni interview, you may be able to arrange for a Skype interview.
Hence using Skype you can easily get you MBA degree and that too by being in touch with your teachers and friends.  

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