Friday, 17 May 2013

Top five Myths About MBA Admission

Masterof Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most sought after professional course not only for fresh graduates but for professionals also who want to give edge to their professional skills and want to climb up to the corporate ladder. This is the reason there are over 3,500 B-schools to fulfill the need of such a large number of students. But there are certain myths which are flying around the MBA aspirants nowadays.

1)     Admission through CAT is only way to success: One of the most common myths among the MBA aspirants is that they will have better chances of success in professional life only when they get their Master of Business Degree from a college which gives admissions on the basis of CAT results. And hence an MBA degree will from any college will not work for them.

2)     MBA is an expensive course: The other very common myth in the mind of the MBA aspirants is that they will have to pay hefty amount of fee in order to get an MBA degree. Tough this fits to some of the B-schools but in this highly competitive world, MBA aspirants can definitely found college whose fee will be easily affordable to them.

3)     Admissions end by March-April: Lots of MBA aspirants have this myth that like other regular courses, admissions of MBA too close by the month of March-April. This myth is backed by a solid reason and that is, admissions of most of the regular course like MA, M.Sc, M. Com normally take place in these months.

4)     Entrance exams must for MBA admissions: Admission in a B-school without appearing in exams is something like daydreaming but its fact that entrance exams is not a pre-requisite to into a B-school. One may found this bizarre but there are some B-schools which are offering admission on the basis of academic background.

5)     Decline in job for MBA holders: Nowadays MBA aspirants are very conscious and are unable to decide whether or not they should take admission in MBA program. The reason behind that is the myth that the value of MBA degree is declining and it might not provide a desired career in future as the world economy is going through tough time for the last few years.

But, these are only myths, and have no connections to the reality. One must be self-confident of one's skills and abilities and try avoiding getting trapped into such things, while preparing for MBA admissions.

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