Thursday, 4 April 2013

Difference between a Post Graduate Diploma & an MBA

Masters Degree in Business Administration is a highly desired management program. There are lakhs of aspirants coming out from graduate colleges, every year, looking for their future in management education. It is considered as the most promising and rewarding study program that opens many doors of success for its scholars.

But nowadays, apart from the colleges that offer MBA degree, there are many other institutions that offer PGDBA, the Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration. Even the world class Indian Institutes of Management, too, offer PGDBA program instead of an MBA degree.

Only universities or university affiliated colleges are liable to offer different kinds of MBA degrees in India. There are set pages of rules for this and a college with no such affiliation and collaboration can offer MBA degree. A college that is being run independently, according to the Ministry of Human Resource & Development, Government of India, cannot offer MBA degree at its campus. Thereby, coming out with a solution, some colleges, that do not meet the eligibility criteria, offer PGDBA at their campuses, and in addition to, they promote their program with words like ‘Equivalent to MBA’.

In general, there is no such difference, except the name, in both the degree programs. The thing which matters is the quality of the education being offered and the reputation of the college. Numerous colleges offer precious, in cost, programs but the value, and the quality.

The major and the only difference between these two is that you cannot go for the Research Program, let us call it the PHD in Management. In India, you can opt for PHD, Doctor of Philosophy in any subject, if you do not have a master’s degree in that subject or specialization. And the PGDBA is not a master’s degree but it is actually equivalent to a master’s degree. But institutions like IIMs have their own research level Fellowship Programs in Management. The FPM of IIMs is equivalent to PHD in different aspects of management education.

There are no other alterations in these two sides of the coin of management education. The level of education and covered areas are same for students of either of the courses. It is just a myth that PGDBA has less value than MBA but the fact was revealed hundreds of years back by the great Shakespeare that ‘What’s in the name?’.

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