Friday, 18 January 2013

Question to Ask about MBA Faculty during MBA admissions

Having an MBA degree is one of the most dream things in India. After their graduation, many students take admissions into Management Colleges to pursue an MBA Degree. The very reason why they choose to go for MBA is that this degree promises a good career along with a good salary. 

There are thousands of Management Colleges in India. Many students get benefited after completing their Master's Degree in Management while many others feel cheated and get depressed after their MBA Degree as they do not get their desired job. There can be many reasons behind their not getting a job. Reasons may be either they didn't make it through the Job Interview or may be, the college they studied wasn't good enough.

According the Government sources, about 50% of the total numbers of Management Colleges in India are not even liable to give the Management education. Some of these colleges do not even have affiliations from any Central Indian University and an approval from Technical Education Board & HRD Ministry of India. There are also some big names in the market who claim to be in the list of best 10 colleges but actually they are not. They have only have an affiliation from a University in some alien nation with no official approval from the HRD Ministry, UGC and the AICTE for their Management Program. And after getting an MBA Degree from these colleges, students cannot find their dream job.

If someone is looking forward for the MBA Program, he must choose his college carefully. As these MBA Programs are very expensive, chances may occur that your invested money has been wasted. Or if someone has already chosen a Management College for his MBA Program, he should actively participate in all the rounds of admission process like GD, Interview etc. And during his Personal Interview Round with the College Administration, he must raise some questions about the Faculty of MBA. A few questions to ask during the Interviews are being advised here in the following paragraphs:

Ask something about the College Premises or Infrastructure: These kind of questions, give an impression to the interviewer that the student is somehow interested in the college. For example, you can ask what the strength of the classrooms is or lecture rooms in the Faculty of MBA?

Ask About the Library: This will really impress the interviewer if you'll ask something like what is the capacity of the College Library?

Ask about the Members of the Faculty: This question will, surely, make interviewer set a mindset that you are actually very much serious about the college. You can ask questions like 'What is the Student Teacher ratio in the college? Or you can also ask about the Guest Lecturers coming in as the Faculty for the MBA Program. You can also ask about the educational background or experience that the members of the faculty do carry.

These questions will be like an eye opener for you to make a last decision of taking admission in that college. On the other hand, if you'll ask these questions, the interviewers will get highly impressed with you and may select you as a suitable candidate for their MBA program 2013.

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